Our Wine

The TIKI is a hand carved Maori treasure which, when gifted, bestows good fortune and love on others. We craft our wines with the same spirit in mind.

Royce wanted our wines to embody the spirit of his Maori ancestors and their care and love for the land. To reflect this reverence for the land of his great-great-grandfather, Ngati Uenuku chieftain Tiki Tere Mihi, Royce and wife Sue named TIKI Wine & Vineyards in his honour.

TIKI is the flagship brand and includes three ranges, Estate, Single Vineyard and KORO. These wines are crafted in different styles to cater for the wide range of markets that they are available in.

Our Brands

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Tiki Estate

The Estate wines are a blend of the very best parcels of fruit chosen from carefully selected vineyards to make the very best wine possible. The winemaker aims for purity and freshness and a food friendly style. This is our flagship and most widely distributed...

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Tiki Single Vineyard

These wines are a pure expression of the terroir and place. They are made from a single parcel of fruit that we believe best represents the vineyard and the unique location. The soils of these single vineyards and their unique climate provide distinctive flavours, fine acidity...

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Tiki Koro

KORO is Maori for grandfather and this range is named in honour of Royce McKean’s great-great-great-grandfather, Chief Tiki Tere Mihi. This is TIKI’s most exclusive range and has a Central Otago Pinot Noir and a Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay. Wines are individually hand- crafted from grapes harvested at optimum ripeness and...

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The Maui Range of wines takes their name from Maui, the Maori demigod who as legend tells us captured the sun and pulled New Zealand out of the sea. Maui was a great adventurer with an inquisitive nature and a fearless spirit. These attributes are at the very heart of New Zealander’s and the Maui range of wines...

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Climatic Influence

Unique to TIKI are the vineyards in the Upper Wairau Valley, where we source much of our fruit. TIKI is the only New Zealand winery making a number of wines exclusively sourced from this sub-region. The continental climate combined with the terroir of the valley provides an ideal climate for the production of world class wines that are unique in the world renowned Marlborough region.

The climate allows full flavours to develop through the high daytime temperature while retaining elegant acidity levels through the cooler nights. This result in riper, tropical, gooseberry aromas and flavours with a defined structure and acidity, fresh, well-balanced and herbal spectrum. TIKI’s key varieties include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir Rosé and Pinot Noir. The wines are made by leading New Zealand wine-maker, Evan Ward, who brings nearly 30 years experience to the TIKI brand portfolio.