Waitomo Caves


This is a must do for everybody, being a Swiwi (Swedish Kiwi) Waitomo Caves is still on my top list of places in New Zealand.

Not only is the surrounding forest absolutely filled with walking tracks, streams and waterfalls but go underground and a whole new world opens up.

The caves were carved by underground streams pushing through soft limestone over thousands of years. Many have amazing stalactites growing down from the ceiling and stalagmites growing up from the cave floor, formed over centuries by dripping water. Its an almost out of worldly experience that is only beaten by what awaits you further down...

Climb aboard the boat taking you on an out of this world experience on the underground Waitomo River. As you glide silently through the starry wonderland of the Glowworm Grotto, there is a myriad of glow worm lights that light the way. As you enter this galaxy of tiny living lights, you'll immediately experience a serene ambience and be fascinated and intrigued by tiny glowworms that light your way

waitomo bridge walk stalagmite cave